Food & Beverage Sample Menus

Food Selections:

  • Fresh Vegetable Trays Served w/ Ranch.
    • Featuring Carrots, Broccoli, Cucumbers & Celery
  • Fresh Fruit Trays Served w/ Dipping Sauce.
    • Featuring Pineapple, Watermelon, Cantaloupe & Grapes
  • Pulled Pork and/or BBQ Brisket Sliders Served w/ BBQ Sauce.
    • Featuring John’s Signature Smoked Pulled Pork, & BBQ Brisket Served w/ Warm Slider Buns w/ BBQ Sauce, & Pickles on the side. (3 sliders per order)
  • Build Your Own Two Topping Thin Crust Pizzas.
    • You Choose Ingredients, and Quantity Prior to your event / See Pizza Selection on Main Menu for more information of toppings available.
  • Ground Beef Taco Buffet / Nacho Buffet
    • Featuring Fresh, Local Taco Shells from Perez Foods, Served w/ Fresh Lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Jalapeños, and Salsa & Sour Cream.
    • You May Also Add Chicken for an additional up charge.
    • Four Tacos or Small Basket of chips & toppings per order
  • Quesadilla Buffet:
    • Choice of Chicken, Beef,  & Pulled Pork Served in a Warm Tortilla Shells w/ Tomatoes, Onions, Cheese, and Jalapeños. Served w/ Sides of Salsa & Sour Cream.
    • One Quesadilla per order
  • John’s Traditional Fried Wings.
    • Choice of Sweet BBQ or Buffalo Sauce, Served w/ Ranch & Blue Cheese.
    • You May Also Add Smoked Wings for an additional up charge.
    • One Order is Eight Wings
  • Assorted Dips Served w/ Fresh Tortilla Chips.
    • Featuring John’s White Queso & Homemade Salsa.
    • One Order is One Basket Worth of Chips w/ Salsa & Queso
  • Order from John’s Full Menu.

Beverage Options:

  • Open Bar: You set the limit, and the items available.
  • Cash Bar: Your guests will be paying for their own drinks.
  • Purchase a Keg, (Multiple Sizes Available):
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverage Service: Water, Tea, and Coffee.


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