Open Letter to All Seattle Seahawk Fans

By November 16, 2014Kansas City Sports
Seahawk faithful getting rowdy at John's Big Deck

Kansas City just might be the best place to live in the United States, but we’re pretty partial. Our beautiful city has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately and we’ve done nothing but shine. Throughout the entire MLB Postseason our city was praised and complimented for our sportsmanship, hospitality, and down right southern charm. We’ve worn those compliments like badges of honor because we know how much our city means to us and how much we mean to our city.


This Sunday our hometown Kansas City Chiefs took on the defending World Champion Seattle Seahawks. We knew the game was going to be a battle as both teams are very similar. Explosive running games that force the defense to respect the run allowing the passing threat to always be present. The contest was exactly that, a tough fought battle. A defensive struggle with some good ole fashion trench warfare. The Kansas City Chief defense stepped up and shut down the defending world champions to win the game 24-20. The best fans in the NFL played a part by bringing the noise all day long.

The game was on Sunday, but the true spectacle was on Saturday evening. It started as a chilly night in Downtown Kansas City, as many do this time of year. The staff at John’s Big Deck we’re preparing for another busy night. Our beer on ice, our competition style BBQ has spent hours in the smoker, live acoustic music was flowing on the first floor, we had DJ’s playing the hottest hits on the second floor, and our fire pit heated and insulated rooftop deck was already getting packed. However, nothing could have prepared us for the fun that ensued.

Home of Kansas City's Downtown Deck

About 9pm central time, 150+ Seattle Seahawk fans unloaded off  party buses at 928 Wyandotte St in Kansas City, MO for a night out on the town. They told us we were the first stop for the evening. We welcomed them with a big smile and was sure to shout GO CHIEFS! Shortly followed by a chant of SEA – HAWKS, SEA – HAWKS, SEA – HAWKS, SEA – HAWKS. Which we of course responded to by doing the tomahawk chop. The bantering continued for the next six hours and we loved every second.

seahawk fans deck

It was what took place throughout the night that made it truly special. Once rivals, The Seahawk fans we’re sure to remind us who has the hardware. Don’t worry though, the staff at John’s Big Deck reminded them who owns THE LOUDEST STADIUM IN THE NFL. Laughs, cheers, chants, and song echoed throughout the three floors of our venue.

Seahawk faithful getting rowdy at John's Big Deck

So much has been said the last few months about us here in our humble city, some like to call a fly over state. Well we’re sure glad our old rivals showed up on our doorstep ready for a good time. All 150+ of you made November 15th a night none of us will ever forget. Thank you for being polite, patient, good humored, loyal fans, and most importantly ready to party! We’ll always be a Kansas City Chiefs bar, but it was a pleasant surprise to enjoy our night with a fanbase as loyal as our own. 1,915 miles is a long ways from home but we hope you felt right at home here at John’s Big Deck.

becca seahawks

We just wanted to take this time to thank each and every Seahawk fan who stopped in last night, the plan to leave and check out more of our beautiful city, didn’t quite happen as the party buses stayed parked out front all night. So for that we apologize and hope you know you’re all welcome back anytime. We may have not made Chief fans out of anyone but we know we created a few fans of John’s Big Deck.

johns shirt seahawks


Safe travels and good luck the rest of the season.


Staff at John’s Big Deck


  • Liz Alaniz says:

    Very nicely said!

  • Thank you so much and congratulation on the Win. I and my friend Summer had an amazing time at you bar friendly very welcoming employees great food had blast will definitely come back again just never know we might just become sports rivals again , but we will always be passionate fan of the teams we cheer for GO Hawks

  • Wendy says:

    Thanks for being so kind to the Seahawks fans. Sounds like you have a very welcoming place and made them feel right at home.
    Go Hawks!

  • Daryl says:

    Thanks for having us! We had a great time! GO HAWKS!

  • Scottie Sweet says:

    Thanks for hosting! What a great place it was to party there in KC! You have great fans & a tough football team! Go Hawks!

  • ben says:

    Seahawks fan here and got to say I love this blog post/open letter. This is what sports fandom and sports rivalries should be about . And while we heard the rumblings here and there about KC being such good hosts, this open post “putting it on record” so to speak is just awesome. Big kudos to you guys for the win and best wishes to the Chiefs anytime they don’t play the Hawks!

  • Pmedic920 says:

    Classy letter, thank you.

    Much respect to Jonsbigdeck.

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