Kansas City Party Like it’s 1985

By September 29, 2014Kansas City Sports

America’s postseason is quickly approaching and for the first time in 29 years your hometown Royals are in the hunt! We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to party like it’s 1985.

1985-royals-team-pic copy

Kansas City is steeped in history from Westport’s creation, Border War, Civil War, prohibition or lack there of, and World War I. Our city has age-old influences that are intertwined into our KC DNA. This history does not end with memorial buildings, shopping districts, or the Lewis and Clark Trail. That is just merely the beginning of all that Kansas City has to offer. It’s said that we bleed two different colors, depending on the time of year, Chief’s red or Royals’ blue.



Our sports history is unlike any other city. Who else can say that they played a role in founding the American Football League, Major League Soccer as well as World Championship Tennis? All of this, due to the late great and hometown favorite Lamar Hunt. 

Lamar Hunt

Did you know the Royals name originated from the American Royal or the fact that we use to have a team called the Athletics from 1955 to 1967? Which just so happens to be who we’re playing this Tuesday, it’s destiny! The Kansas City Royals entered the American League in 1969 and had quick success reaching the playoffs 7 out of 10 seasons from 1976 to 1985.  The 2014 team has strong chances of adding to our already rich baseball history including one World Series championship and clinched pennant.

This is our first chance to reach the same heights as our legendary 1985 season. So come party like its 1985, we’ll have the Bud Light, Fireball, and Royal Bombs flowing. If you need a bite to eat, anything off our award-winning menu will be sure to hit the spot!

Kansas City Royals Playoff Birth

Kansas City has the best fans around, no question about that. We stand behind our teams regardless of what the “experts” say. This is our year to #BeRoyal thanks to our boys and blue for giving us a #BlueOctober Join the John’s Big Deck crew #OnTheDeck to pop bottles for our first playoff win in 29 years.

Pop Bottles at John's Big Deck

Our hometown Royals take on The Los Angeles Athletics’ Tuesday at 7:07pm, if you didn’t get to sell your kidney for a ticket we’ll have the game on all of our big screens.



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